Metabo HPT Technology

Technology is the common thread behind the Metabo HPT brand

It’s what makes Metabo HPT products superior in design and durability. From its birth, Metabo HPT has pioneered innovative technologies that have improved lives around the world. This knowledge is shared across all Metabo HPT divisions worldwide and is incorporated into applications that benefit many different products. Metabo HPT designs innovative and durable products for pros that demand more.



Durability is a cornerstone of the Metabo HPT brand. For over 70 years, we have engineered tools for the most demanding jobsites. We see proof every day with some of our tools coming back for service that were sold 20 years ago! The technology we incorporate and the determination to produce nothing but the best is evident in the lifespan and longevity of Metabo HPT tools.



It is common to see Metabo HPT innovation on jobsites throughout the nation. Metabo HPT has brought to the market innovations such as:

1) Slide Miter Saw - Most professional jobsites require a slide miter saw to manage all applications.
2) Cordless Impact Driver - Making an impact driver cordless was a game-changer for the jobsite.
3) Cylinder Drive System in our Nailers - Increases speed and durability which is why Metabo HPT nailers are so highly sought after for the modern day jobsite.
4) MultiVolt - The first power tool platform to be dual powered. Power each tool either with a 36V battery or AC adapter.
5) UVP - User vibration protection offers significant reduction in vibration allowing for less fatigue.
6) Adding 3rd anvil to Impact Driver - By adding a third anvil users experience increase beats per minute allowing for faster work with less effort.


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